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Adolescent scoliosis, congenital spine deformity, paralytic scoliosis, adult scoliosis, spinal fusion, revision spine surgery, kyphosis, tumors, spinal infections, spinal neuroscience and surgical technology? And, yes, those pesky discs. Where do we start?

Come on in and let’s talk about difficult things. Maybe you are here because you are curious or on assignment. But, chances are you are worried. Something is wrong that needs to be treated. How do you assimilate all that stuff you hear? Or, abstract what is pertinent from huge tomes of impartial data? Text books seldom tell you what to ignore. It is about the heart of medicine.

What is medicine anyway? Well the answer, friend, is medicine is the application of the sum total of human knowledge, experience, and skilled intuition to solving the ills of people. For the surgeon, add to that the skills of hand and eye and the knowing of what those can and cannot do.

Yes, you have to ask questions. But, what questions? Do you know enough to even know there are better questions, questions with more practical  answers?

If nothing else, leave here, if this venture succeeds, with a grasp of what to ask.

Thomas J. Errico, MD*


* Chief,  Division of Spine Surgery, NYUHJD  Department of Orthopedic Surgery 

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